Tennis Legend Rod Laver Wants ATP to Ban Nick Kyrgios

The on-court behavior of Nick Kyrgios has gotten a lot of feedback from current and former players alike. Just last month we reported how Andy Murray was all in favor of players like Nick Kyrgios. The Great Britain star had mentioned how Kyrgios was making the game of tennis more fun one step at a time and how the game needed more like him. 

But while Kyrgios and his antics might sit in favor with some of the current players, former players are surely having a hard time digesting his behavior. 

Just recently, tennis legend and star Rod Laver spoke about Nick Kyrgios and the two controversies that surround him. The investigations being run by ATP are focused on unsportsmanlike conduct by Kyrgios on multiple occasions. 

Previously, Kyrgios was fined $113,000 (£93,000) by the ATP for his unsportsmanlike behavior during the Cincinnati Masters. The fine was imposed after Kyrgios abused umpire Fergus Murphy during a match. 

Kyrgios didn’t respond well to the fine as he thought ATP in general was ‘pretty corrupt.’ 

Rod Laver, who is one of Australia’s biggest tennis stars, has opened up about Kyrgios and the controversies that surround him. 

Whatever they have done hasn’t worked so far, so maybe a suspension is the only answer,” Laver mentioned while speaking to the Australian publication The Age.

I’m not sure he’s learned anything from any of the things that have gone on.Nick is Nick, unfortunately. He could have been, or still could become, a world champion because of his serving ability, his game. But his brain gets in the way. He doesn’t want to adhere to the conditions or the umpire,” further added Laver. 

It is expected that ATP will take action against Kyrgios before the start of the Laver Cup on September 20th.