Roger Federer Should Consider Keeping Quiet on Matters He Knows Little About!

Ricardo Rodriguez scores for Switzerland

We all know Roger Federer—one of the greatest tennis players of all time—for being a thorough sportsman, right? Well, it appears as if Federer’s sportsmanship takes a backseat when it comes to his nationalism, which certainly is unfitting for an individual of his stature. And, apparently, Federer’s nationalism gives him the right of gracing the world with his opinion on matters he knows little of.

Northern Ireland was cruising towards a spot for the FIFA World Cup 2018. However, there’s path was bulldozed by a bizarre penalty decision from the referee, during the match against Switzerland, which caused the match to end up in a draw. This draw (read: penalty decision) is the reason why the people of Northern Ireland will be unable to see their players performing in Russia, later this year.

When asked about the referee’s decision, Federer had the audacity to comment that the decision was “right”, even though he’d admitted that he’d not watched the match, just moments earlier. Even seasonal football enthusiasts, who only understand the basics of football, will tell you that Northern Ireland was robbed of their place in Russia this summer. But it seems that people like Federer, however, will continue to defend the murder of sportsmanship in the name of nationalism!

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