Why Nick Kyrgios Is the Poster Boy Tennis Needs

It is August 3rd, and the crowd in Washington is host to an intense match between Nick Kyrgios and Stefanos Tsitsipas. What starts peacefully soon turns into another one of Nick Kyrgios’s meltdown, as he smashes his racket on the ground twice and grunts at the unfavorable attitude of the crowd. 

Kyrgios was serving at 2-1 when the crowd rattled him with taunts. Kyrgios, who is known to be on his heels in the court, lost all patience and furiously slammed his racket on the court while hurling abuse. 


Earlier in the tournament, playing against Slovak Norbert Gombos, Krygios went to a female in the court and asked her, “Where do you want me to go with this serve?” 

The suggestion did work for Kyrgios as he went on to get an ace on that particular serve. Kyrgios thanked his supporter at the end of the match and went on to embrace her. He then went on to mention this in his after match press conference, “I’m just super happy that all the work I’m doing off the court is translating onto the court. Four days in a row, four matches competing at my highest level; I’m pretty happy with in honestly. The crowd’s been amazing. I love playing night matches here. The crowd’s hanging around for late night matches and getting into it, and I’m just trying to give them fun tennis to watch, and also trying to get some wins as well.”


Kyrgios is certainly new and unique to the sport of tennis. We have seen many stars pass around, but it is good to have someone bring back that swagger that was absent from the courts for a long time. 

Britain’s Andy Murray recently mentioned why Nick Kyrgios is necessary and perfect for the sport. “When he’s mentally engaged in the matches, he’s brilliant for tennis because he has an exciting game, a big personality and he’s different,” mentioned Murray while speaking to the official ATP website.

His match with Rafa [Nadal] at Wimbledon was one of the best matches of the tournament. That’s really good for tennis. As someone who knows him well, I like him. I just want to see him do that all of the time,” added Murray. 

Murray however was quick to mention that there was a fine line between being competitive and being offensive towards others, and that all players should be looking to follow it. 

Everyone matures at different ages. Some people are ready when they are 18, 19 to deal with what comes with being a top athlete and some people aren’t ready and it takes them a bit of time. I’m hoping that with time Nick will learn and be better for it. When he’s engaged in tennis and wants to play he’s brilliant for the game. And when he isn’t giving his best effort and misbehaving, that’s not what people want to see. He needs to find that balance.”

Kyrgios has himself mentioned that he has come a long way during the past few months, and has more command on his anger than before. 

In a recent conference, Kyrgios said: “It’s amazing. Where I was six months ago, some of the things I was doing, to respond like this having incredible support, it’s amazing. I’ve proved to myself and a lot of people that have backed me that I still have it. It’s been one of the best weeks of my life from a tennis perspective.”

While there is still uncertainty over the path Kyrgios’s career takes in the future, what we do know is that he is destined to achieve a lot more for himself and for the sport. 

Justin Gimelstob Just Can’t Help Stating the Obvious

Justin Gimelstob

Back in the old days, people who were irrelevant never saw the limelight no matter how hard they tried. Back then, limelight only belonged to the alpha males: the best of the best. In this day and age, seemingly none of that matters, considering how just about anybody can hog the spotlight for as long as they want. Some still do it in the old fashioned way: by proving themselves. Yet some choose to pull off cheap shenanigans to get what they have craved for their entire lives.

Justin Gimelstob belongs to the latter category, obviously. The ex-tennis player and a current “analyst” on tennis affairs found it worth his while to comment on how Rafael Nadal loves playing on the clay court. Well…duh! You don’t have to be Einstein to figure that out.

For those who don’t already know, Rafael Nadal has won the Monte Carlo Masters ten times already and now is in pursuit for his eleventh win.  Bearing this in mind, even a child who knows nothing about tennis would be likely to say that Nadal is the favorite in the recently begun Monte Carlo Masters 2018.

The job of an analyst is to give people an insight into something they don’t already know. If the job of an expert is to, merely, state the obvious, then everyone can be sitting in Justin Gimelstob’s place. We all know how Justin could never step up his game during the days he spent on the tennis court. The least that he can do, now, is give the audience something worth listening to. Or at the very least he could try not stating the obvious, and pack his bags for a long retirement.

Nadal might be an alpha male during this period of the season, but merely stating it is not enough for Justin Gimelstob to justify the spotlight he has been hogging!

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cjkKwhvl3s