Tennis Ace Djokovic Believes Controversial Australian Open 2022 Exit is Hard to Forget

Serbian tennis ace Novak Djokovic believes he will never forget the controversial turn of events that led to him being deported from the Australian Open 2022. The controversy surrounding COVID-19 vaccinations was the most trending topic in global tennis last year, and Djokovic will have a hard time forgetting it. 

The former world number 1 is currently in Australia for the Grand Slam this year and hopes things go smoothly this time around. 

“You can’t forget those events, it’s one of those things that stick with you,” said Djokovic in his first news conference since returning to Australia.

“It stays with you for the rest of your life. It’s something I’ve never experienced before and hopefully never again, but it is a valuable life experience for me.

“But I have to move on and coming back to Australia speaks about how I feel about this country and how I feel about playing here.”

“It’s a great place and the people in Adelaide, and generally in Australia, love tennis, love sports and it’s a sporting nation so hopefully we’re going to have a lot of people watching and we can have a good time,” Djokovic said.

“I’m hoping everything is going to be positive. Obviously, it’s not something that I can predict. I’ll do my best to play some good tennis and bring good emotions and good feelings to the crowd.”

Djokovic is motivated for the coming year and specifically the Australian Open for its highly competitive environment. 

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Aussie tennis star John Millman reveals Secret Behind controversial video of Novak Djokovic’s team mixing ‘magic potion’ for grand slam legend

Australian Tennis Star John Millman has offered an explanation into the secret magic potion that Djokovic’s team prepared for him during a live match. 

Millman, who is ranked No.155 in the world, waded into the debate on Twitter on Monday night, hitting back at people questioning the practice which he calls ‘a trade secret’.

‘Too much attention on a team member mixing sports drinks … a proper ridiculous notion that something is up, stadium full, cameras everywhere, drinks mixed in player’s box … I mean use a little logic here, maybe just maybe they don’t want to give the edge to anyone,’ he tweeted.

‘To add to that, inside a locker room you see a player’s team always making drinks, in unmarked bottles and put in the fridge. Training programs, supplement intake etc is trade secret.’

Earlier in the week, Djokovic’s wife hit out at online speculation surrounding his on-court energy drinks.

‘I don’t see anything dodgy,’ she said. ‘In fact, I see people trying to be private about their business in a world where everyone feels they have every right to point a camera at you.

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