Denis Shapovalov Hits The Umpire With The Ball, Gets Defaulted

Umpire hit with ball

You mgiht not believe what just happened.

Britain could not have proceeded to the quarter finals of the Davis Cup in a more dramatic fashion. Canada’s Denis Shapovalov got himself ousted after accidentally hitting the umpire with a ball.

The 17-year-old Canadian had been trailing 6-3, 6-4, and 2-1 when he could not contain his anger and struck the ball with full force in exasperation.

Unfortunately for him, the ball struck the umpire in the left eye.

What followed afterwards was a stunned silence in the court while a visibly-shaken Shapovalov went ahead to console the French umpire Arnaud Gabas who had immediately developed bruising and swelling around his left eye.

To no one’s surprise, Shapovalov was defaulted, paving way for Britain to reach the Davis Cup quarter finals. With a 3-2 victory, Britain will now face France in the quarter finals.

For Shapovalov, the moment was all the more shameful. And it was not just because he had caused physical injury, but also because he had let his whole country down.

“I can promise that’s the last time I will do anything like that,” he later told the media. “I’m going to learn from this and try to move past it.”

Nick Kyrgios Avoids Eight Week Suspension after Insulting the Umpire

Nick Kyrgios

Nick Krygios, who just rose to his best ever career ranking (13th) according to the recent ATP list, showed his temper during a match. When the match against Mischa Zverev did not go as expected, Kyrgios lost it and started raging over the umpire and one of the supporters.

The ATP initially put a $25,000 penalty on the player, and suspended him for eight tournament weeks. Apparently, the ban was reduced right after the player agreed to see a sports psychologist, as per the offer by the ATP. Kyrgios later released a statement, saying:

“Following the ATP’s decision I would like to take this opportunity to apologize again for the circumstances in Shanghai.”

He further cleared his situation and said that he had a rough tournament; however, he does not want to use it as an excuse for the events that occurred. Nick Kyrgios’s ban has been reduced to three weeks by the ATP, for which he said:

“I do understand and respect the decision by the ATP and I will use this time off to improve on and off the court. I am truly sorry and look forward to returning in 2017.”